Saturday, May 19, 2012

Americanized summer rolls

Shout out to Alexa for introducing me to this recipe 3 years ago...

Americanized summer rolls! ((Almost)) All-American ingredients encased in these delicious summer roll wrappers.


-Summer roll wrappers (Also called spring roll wrappers, and NOT to be confused with egg roll wrappers).  I used these , nowadays they are so common that you can get them at almost any grocery store, even in some Targets!
- Thai rice noodles.  Once again, you can buy these at the grocery store.
-Raw spinach
-Natural creamy peanut butter
-Sriracha hot sauce , also found at your local grocery store haha
- OPTIONAL (but highly recommended) Avocado, sliced.


-Cook rice noodles according to instructions on the back of the box and drain.  Set aside.
-Create assembly line with summer roll wrappers, then spinach, then bowl of drained rice noodles, optional pealed and sliced avocado, then peanut butter, then hot sauce.
-Place warm water in a shallow long and wide bowl, then place summer roll wrapper into water and press intermittently into water until it's texture becomes flexible and until pattern on summer roll wrapper disappears.
-Use fork, spoon, or spatchula to get summer roll out, and then place roll on plate.
-Take a few spinach leaves and place them on the summer roll wrapper (optional: use a rolling pin or other round surface to flatten the spinach leaves onto the summer roll wrapper).
-Use fork to place noodles on top of the spinach leaves (always make sure that you leave enough space at the end of the summer roll wrapper to roll it up).
-Place optional avocado slices on top of noodles.
-Roll the entire mixture in the summer roll in the same way that you would create a sandwich wrap.
-Once you have rolled the mixture, place peanut butter on top of the roll.
-place a few drops of Sriracha sauce on top of the peanut butter (depending on how spicy you want it to be).  Mix sriracha sauce with peanut butter.
-Then, wet another summer roll in the same way mentioned above, and wrap the roll around the first roll with the peanut butter and sriracha on top.
-These are surprisingly delicious!

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