Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Low Calorie Frothy Green Tea Frappuccino

So easy and refreshing... and from looking at the calories at Starbucks, who knew that green tea matcha powder is 0 calories?!


-Japanese Matcha green tea powder.  Make sure that it is powder, not bags or leaves.  I bought mine from Whole Foods.  I use Matcha stone ground green tea powder from the Republic of Tea.  It is pricey but worth it because it is very high quality.
-Fat free milk (or any kind of milk if you aren't watching calories)
-Splenda (Again, if you aren't watching calories, feel free to use sugar)
-Ice (optional, only if you are using a blender which is highly recommended)
-If you aren't watching calories, I've heard that Torani Vanilla Syrup is a great addition

-In a blender*, combine ice (depending on the desired consistency.. a few cubes makes more of a latte consistency, more cubes turns it into a frappuccino), As many cups as you want (1 cup= 12 oz, I used 2 cups) of milk (I used fat free for this recipe), 1 tbsp of matcha powder per every cup (12 oz), and as much splenda as you want.

-Blend together until the ice no longer makes noise.

-Taste and add more of something if you aren't satisfied.

* If you do not have a blender, you can mix or shake all of the ingredients, minus the ice, in a cup.

-The latte/frappuccino will be delicious and frothy if you put the ingredients in a blender.. just sayin! ;)

Calorie Count:

Fat free milk= 90 calories/ cup * 2 cups= 180 calories
Matcha powder= 0 calories
Ice= 0 calories
Splenda= 0 calories

180 calories for a 24 oz "starbucks" drink that is also GOOD for you?? Awesome!

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